Why Singgahsana Lodge?
Because: we are 20 steps away from the famous Kuching Waterfront; we provide all the creature comforts and highest standards of hygiene every discerning traveller expects – our bathrooms and toilets are immaculately clean and customised to country club standards; we provide in-house wifi facilities, a comprehensive library, a cosy lounge area including a roof-top bar (Sadau) and fax facilities. Security is paramount and Singgahsana Lodge is accessible only to in-house Guests and authorised visitors. Guests are issued with access tags to the front door. Infused with our touch of Sarawak style, you will wake up each morning in the comfort of your air-conditioned rooms accentuated with local art and crafts, fully aware that you are in magical Sarawak and Borneo.
Why is Singgahsana Lodge different from other budget hotels?
We are a Guesthouse as opposed to a hotel. For the uninitiated, nearly all facilities in a Guesthouse are meant to be shared with other Guests. At Singgahsana Lodge, we encourage our Guests to interact with each other to create a sense of warm and friendly camaraderie. Although facilities such as bathroom, toilets, the lounge area, library, etc are shared, they meet the highest standards. All of these within a bright and tastefully decorated ambience.
Are towels and bed linens provided in Singgahsana Lodge?
Bed linens such as sheets, blankets and pillowcases are provided for every type of accommodation. Towels are provided for those occupying private rooms. Guests utilising dormitory beds may rent towels at a nominal fee of RM2.00.
What about hot water showers, shampoo and soap in Singgahsana Lodge?
Hair & body shampoo is provided in all hot and cold water shower cubicles for all Guests.
Mode of payment for rooms/beds?
Cash in Ringgit Malaysia or credit card (for minimum payment of RM50)
Are the rates quoted nett in Singgahsana Lodge?
Yes, rates are nett inclusive of 6% SST. However, Tourism Tax of RM10 per room per night is chargeable to non-Malaysian except for foreigners with MyPR card or work permit issued in Sarawak.
Can we smoke within the Guesthouse premises?
Singgahsana Lodge is a smoke free zone. Guests who are smokers may indulge in their nicotine fix outside the Singgahsana Lodge premises or at the outdoor garden balcony. RM50.00 fine for breaking this rule and/or eviction with no refunds.
Are there lockers in the dormitory rooms in Singgahsana Lodge?
Yes, each bed comes equipped with a locker cubicle. A secure common safe managed by the front desk crew is also available for storage of important documents and valuables.
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What you may NOT like about Singgahsana Lodge?
NOISE. We are in the centre of the city. You would hear cars and motorcycles speeding down the streets late at night especially during weekends. Bring your ear plugs if you are a light sleeper. The Chinese Theatre next to Singgahsana Lodge will have their occasional ‘concert’, we have no control over these events.
What should I expect from Singgahsana Lodge?
We are NOT A FIVE STAR establishment, we are but a little Guesthouse. We provide only the basic of the basics albeit in our sense of style. So, if you have been recommended to stay with us, PLEASE DO NOT come in with high expectations. In any case, for things that are within our control, we will always try our VERY BEST to make your visit to Kuching a memorable one.
I have more then 3 days in Kuching, how many nights should I book with Singgahsana Lodge?
We suggest 3 days maximum, just in case you do not like our set up or do not like us . Hopefully, we get along well and you would happily extend your stay.

If you book longer then necessary to check us out and you want to check out earlier then your reservation, it means too that you would want your money back from us. At this point, you will be reminded that all money paid will be forfeited if you cancel your booking (see terms and conditions) . From experience, when things get to this stage, the Guest would not listen to what we are saying, so what are we to do ….. ????
What time is check-in and check-out times?
Check-in is from 1 pm and Check-out by 11 am.
What do I need to provide upon check in?
Clause 5 of the terms and conditions::

i) Provide a copy of the personal details page of your international passport or ID card if you are Malaysian;

ii) Pay your accommodation bills in full; and

iii) Pay a refundable deposit of RM50.00 per accommodation. For group check ins, the refundable deposit shall be RM100.00
What do we do with the RM50.00 refundable deposit?
We will return the refundable deposit in full upon check out unless you have lost and/or damaged our property. For amount chargeable please refer to the terms and conditions. Some of the more common items are: Keys: RM20.00, Smart Tag: RM20.00 and Towel: RM30.00. Others: RM50 for not keeping our toilet clean and dry, for smoking in non-designated areas. Please make sure you claim your refundable when you check out each time, even if you are due to check back in a day or more later. From experience, this just simplifies our operations and reduces the burden of our crew members to keep tab of your ‘unclaimed deposit’.
What if there is an extra person travelling with us ?
We charge the amount equivalent to the costs of a dormitory bed. Where possible an extra mattress will be placed on the floor BUT only subject to availability and space allowance. This will also include breakfast for the additional person.
What if we want to arrange for late check out?
Clause 8 of the terms and conditions:-

8.1 Arrangements must be made at least a day prior to your scheduled departure subject to availability. Late checks out rates are as follows:

Up to noon - no charge
Up to 6 pm – ½ of 1 night’s accommodation rate
Beyond 6 pm – 1 night’s accommodation rate

Having said that, if you have a late flight/bus/boat out, you are welcome to store your bags with us (at your own risk of course :)) and laze around in the common areas until you have to say goodbye. Oh yes, if you’ve checked out and you need a shower before your departure, we will charge RM8.00 for the use of our shower and a nice fresh towel.
What are Singgahsana Lodge‘s terms and conditions?
Pertinent Information

Check-in from 1 pm and Check Out by 11 am
Child Policy: children aged 2 years or younger stay for free
Our front desk is open from 6 am to 11 pm
Cancellation Policy – As a small, independent, destination accommodation, any cancellations or changes of date are likely to result in an empty room. As such all prepayment will be forfeited as cancellation fee. The Company must be notified by email of any cancellation of reservation. However, at the sole discretion of Company, refunds may be given due to extenuating circumstances
Non smoking Accommodation
Advance booking is advised
On-site Credit Card payment will attract 3% surcharge
RM50 refundable deposit required upon check in
Room rates has to be fully paid upon check in
No towels are provided for dormitory beds
5% rebate for room and 7% rebate for dorm bed are extended for 21 nights consecutive stay
Transport – We are pleased to arrange for someone to pick you up or drop you off at the airport. Please book this in advance.
Location coordinates – 1°33’25″N 110°20’54″E
Does Singgahsana Lodge have any other Guesthouses in Kuching City?
No, in spite of what people, establishments or the internet might tell you. We do however have a luxury Guesthouse retreat on the Santubong Peninsula called The Village House by Singgahsana. Click here to check this out at www.villagehouse.com.my
Is Singgahsana Lodge a suitable accommodation option for seniors?
Singgahsana Lodge is generally a suitable accommodation option for ‘active seniors’ irrespective of age but there have been isolated incidences where seniors have found our Guesthouse setting not to their liking upon arrival despite having made advance enquiries and research. Hence, we urge all Guests to be realistic of their travel requirements prior to booking with us to avoid disappointment upon arrival. Here we wish to cite an example of mismatched expectations, which resulted in unnecessary dissatisfaction on both sides.

Date: Tuesday, 1st March 2011, 7 p.m. – A couple after emailing to seek our advice on a particular room type and the suitability of Singgahsana Lodge, went on to book with us. Upon arrival and viewing of the room booked online (which was different to their initial enquiry), they realised it was not to their expectations and demanded a full refund. As it was already well past 7pm when they arrived at the lodge we decided that the only solution to this very unpleasant encounter was to refund them 2 of the 3 nights booking they had made (albeit our terms and conditions had clearly stipulated no refunds on any bookings). They were very vociferous of their demands threatening to write adversely of us to the travel guides, which they have every right to. Really, we do not wish to host anyone who is not happy staying with us too as this only creates bad vibes to an otherwise always cheerful environment.

We have made great friends with most of our Guests including some fabulous seniors and we hope to welcome many more but we felt this clarification is necessary to ensure our Guests are fully aware of the Singgahsana Lodge setup. There are many photo images on our website and travellers’ blogs all over the internet to provide an accurate impression of our establishment so please do research well.
Who is the senior gentleman who’s always at Singgahsana Lodge?
There is an affable senior gentlemen who spends his time in Singgahsana Lodge most weekdays, he hangs around to help out when he can. He is none other than Mr. Lawrence Foo better known as Uncle Lawrence and he is Marina’s dad.
What else should I have to be ready for?
To be toilet trained? That is because we keep our toilet clean and dry always. What do they say … travellers stick together and take care of our common interests!
You have not received a reply for your booking?
Ordinarily, we will reply within 36 hours. If you have not received any email in your email inbox, it could be that our reply had bounced back to us because we are not in your ‘safe’ lists. So, do check your spam or junk mail boxes. It could also be that your email looked ‘suspicious’ – oh, yes, we do get bogus enquiries (we know by now how to spot them :)). It may help to word your subject matter appropriately such as ‘Singgahsana Lodge Booking Enquiries”. It may also be because you are booking for the following year, and we have not decided on our rates for the following year yet (in this case, we will reply to you as soon as rates are fixed)
I have lost something during my stay, what do I do?
We do not accept liability for the death, sickness or injury to any Guest or for the loss, theft or damage to any Guests’ property however sustained or caused (see Clause 9.1).

If you are certain that you have lost your belonging in our premises, we would appreciate if you let the front office know immediately to allow us to try to assist in solving the matter. We do have CCTV recording within and outside of Singgahsana Lodge. We can review this to attempt identifying the culprit. Please understand that our hard disk memory for the CCTV recording is maintained for 2 weeks only. For some reason, should you not get any help from the crew (God forbid), ask for Shirley’s handphone no. and let her know. Other than our own local language and English, we do not speak other languages so make sure that the person with whom you speak to understands your complaints.
What frustrates us?
When complaints are not made clear right after an ‘incident’ and the complaint is made way after 1 month. In which case, we can no longer check our CCTV – to verify the complaint (cameras do not lie) and secondly, we cannot defend ourselves and thirdly, if the complain is true, we will not be able to ascertain who the culprit is other than by just guessing and that is just not good enough.
What else?
We strive on good energy and love. If every single little thing irks you, hmmmm and you are difficult to please even when people are trying their best, maybe the many other establishments out there may be able to better please you and we wish you a great stay in Kuching.
People say when they get listed in the guide books, things go downhill, is this true in your case?
Contrary to popular belief, it is our believe that getting good listings in the many guidebooks is only the start of a long and arduous journey in striving to become the best always.

All of us break our backs to maintain our good reputation and feel most disappointed when Guests conveniently post damaging and hurting remarks on important travel search engines just because they can without giving us a chance to verify, clarify and rectify the matter. If you do have a complaint, help us by letting us know straight away so that we can attend to the complaint. True to a quote seen during our travels, “When something displeases you please complain to us, if something pleases you, please go and tell the whole world.”

Solving problems makes us better and ensures that all other travellers that come after you will continue to enjoy the conducive environment and camaraderie that everyone shares when they are at Singgahsana Lodge.

When you step into Singgahsana Lodge, you are our important Guests and Singgahsana Lodge is your home whilst you are here. Hence Singgahsana Lodge is “Guests’ house.

Quoting the owners of a well-known establishment in Kolkata which sums up our belief…

“It is not a question of whether you like our hotel, either in it’s own right or in comparison with anywhere you may have stayed before. It is as simple as this, you are either part of it, or you are not, you can choose to make the connection that thousands of others who return again and again have, to appreciate and understand the uncommon experience that we offer here.” Violet Smith of Fairlawn Hotel, Kolkata, India.

Trying to operate Guesthouses to the highest standards is a gigantic challenge to say the least and we sincerely hope that our Guests will continue to assist us in making this difficult path that little bit easier. Happy trails and live life BIG always.