Terms and Conditions

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Terms and Conditions
Pertinent Information
• Check-in from 1 pm and Check Out by 11 am
• Child Policy: children aged 2 years or younger stay for free
• Cancellation Policy - Prepayments are non-refundable. All prepayment will be forfeited as cancellation fee. The Company must be notified by email of any cancellation of reservation. However, at the sole discretion of Company, refunds may be given due to extenuating circumstances.
• Non smoking Accommodation
• Advance booking is advised
• RM50 refundable deposit required upon check in
• Room rates have to be fully paid upon check in
• No towels are provided for dormitory beds
• 5% rebate for room and 7% rebate for dorm bed are extended for 21 nights consecutive stay
• Transport - We are pleased to arrange for someone to pick you up or drop you off at the airport. Please book this in advance.
• Location coordinates – 1°33’25″N 110°20’54″E


1. Contract
1.1 These terms and conditions incorporate the basis on which bookings are accepted. The person affecting a booking shall be deemed to have accepted this terms and conditions on behalf of all persons named in that booking.

1.2 The contract is between the Guest and Singgahsana Lodge Adventures Sdn. Bhd. (the Company) and is subject to Malaysian Law.

2. Arrival & Departure
2.1 The period of occupancy of the accommodation is from 1:00 pm on day of arrival up to 11:00 am on day of departure.

2.2 The Guest binds and obliges to vacate the premises without demand at the termination of the period of hire.

3. Purpose of Stay
3.1 The Guest warrants that the accommodation is to be used only for lawful purposes.

4. Right of Refusal
4.1 The Company reserves the right to refuse a Guest entry and accommodation if, on arrival, the management reasonably considers that the Guest is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, is behaving in a threatening, abusive or otherwise unacceptable manner or it appears that the Guest has engaged in fraudulent or unlawful activity or under other circumstances where it appears that the reservation contain or resulted from a mistake or error. In this case, the Guest will be charged a cancellation fee equal to 1 night’s accommodation rate and all obligations shall be discharged without further liability on either party.

5. Check-in/Check-out Requirements
5.1 The Guest is required to confirm their identity by providing their passport or identity card (for Malaysians) for an authorized duplicate copy for record. The record will be kept for at least 4 weeks after your departure and may be disclosed or made available for inspection by any government authorities or as otherwise required by applicable law in connection with the prevention or investigation of crime. The information above may be requested for each member of your party and we reserve the right to refuse entry to persons who cannot provide the information set out above.

6. Occupancy
6.1 Maximum occupancy of 2 pax for each double and twin room, 3 pax for each triple room, 4 pax for each family room and 1 pax for each dorm bed. No additional persons are allowed.

6.2 The Company shall impose appropriate charges (the equivalent of 1 house bed per night per person) if the number of occupants exceeds the maximum occupancy of the room booked.

7. Extending your stay
7.1 Check availability at least a day prior to your scheduled departure and confirm all extensions to avoid any complications and/or disappointment. Reservations for extension are not guaranteed and confirmed until full payment is received.

8. Late Check Out
8.1 Arrangements must be made at least a day prior to your scheduled departure subject to availability. Late checks out rates are as follows:
Up to noon - no charge
Up to 6 pm - ½ of 1 night’s accommodation rate
Beyond 6 pm - 1 night’s accommodation rate

9. Overstaying without notice
9.1 1 night’s accommodation rate will be imposed. If the accommodation is pre-booked by an in-coming Guest, the Company will request for the Guest to vacate the room latest by 12 noon. If the Guest is not available, the Guest hereby authorise the Company’s personnel to remove the Guest’s belongings for storage pending further arrangements.

10. Prepayment Policy
10.1 Reservations are not guaranteed until full payment is received. Reservation without prepayment may be automatically released by the Company without notice.

11. Cancellation Policy
11.1 Prepayments are non-refundable. All prepayment will be forfeited as cancellation fee. The Company must be notified by email of any cancellation of reservation.However, at the sole discretion of Company, refunds may be given due to extenuating circumstances.

12. Change Policy
12.1 Request for change must be notified by email to the Company. Reservation can be changed to another arrival date or to accommodation in another location or 5-Star excursions operated by the Company. If changes were made 30 days before the date of arrival, an administration fee of RM50 for each room and RM10 for each bed will be imposed. No changes will be entertained within 30 days of date of arrival. Once you confirm that you need to change your reservation, the RM50 or RM10 administration fee, whichever is applicable is to be settled immediately for the said change to be effected.

Upon confirmation, your prepayment will automatically be applied to the new reservation. Guest shall be liable to pay for additional charges (if any) in view of the change. Should the value of the prepayment exceed that of the value of the new reservation, the access shall be forfeited to the Company. The applicable rates in calculating the room charges shall be based on the current rates applicable at the time of the requested changes.

13. No-Show Policy, Late Arrivals and Early Departures
13.1 In case of no shows, late arrivals and/or if Guest decides to leave the Company before the date of departure originally booked, your reservation prepayment will be forfeited and the Company reserve its right to re-let the accommodation. Unless the Company is notified earlier of any delay, Guest who fails to check in within 3 hours of their arrival in Kuching will be deemed as ‘No-Show’.

14. Guest Behaviour
14.1 Guests are requested to conduct themselves appropriately at all times and to comply with Company procedures and/or requests with regard to conduct and respect for the property of the Company, its employees and Guests and their health and safety. Guests are requested not to disrupt the comfort and enjoyment of other Guests, the smooth running of the Company, or cause offence to other Guests or our members of staff. See House Rules

15. Disturbance
15.1 The Company reserves the right to require a Guest to leave if he/she is causing a disturbance, annoying other Guests or Company staff or is behaving in an unacceptable manner including causing damage to property. The police may be called-in by the management to remove such persons from the premises. In such cases all payments shall be forfeited and outstanding bookings cancelled.

16. Accident and/or Injury
16.1 Any accident or injury to persons whilst on-site should be reported to the management immediately. We will not be held responsible for any death, sickness or personal injury sustained on-site, however sustained or caused.

17. Problems or Dissatisfaction With Your Stay
17.1 It is important that Guests enjoy their stay with us, and every effort is made to ensure this. In the event of dissatisfaction, the Guest should immediately contact the front desk to give the Company the opportunity to rectify the problem.

17.2 A complaint will not be entertained if it is made at the end of a stay, nor after the stay by letter, e-mail or telephone call, when it will surely be appreciated that it will not be possible at that stage to investigate effectively and/or verified.

18. Losses, Liabilities etc.
18.1 Property that is left behind in the Guest rooms will be kept for 2 weeks. All unassigned property will be forwarded to a charity or disposed of at the discretion of the Company. If we send articles back to the Guest, we will charge a postage, packaging and handling fee.

18.2 The Company shall not be liable to a Guest for any loss, damage to personal property or persons however sustained or caused excepting cases of intent or gross negligence. It is the responsibility of the Guest to ensure that their belongings are secure at all times. The Guest is advised to make use of our deposit box at the Front Desk/Office.

18.3 The Company shall not be liable for any failure or delay in performing any of its obligations under this Agreement if the failure or delay was due to any cause beyond its reasonable control, including (without limitation) war or threat of war, civil or political action or disturbance, riot, natural disaster, fire, epidemic, bad weather, terrorist activity (threatened or actual), military activity, governmental or regulatory action, industrial dispute, act of God, failure of power or machinery, failure of or interruption in externally provided services and utilities, and all similar events outside the Company’s control.

18.4 If we are prevented by any circumstances beyond our control from making the accommodation available on the day of occupancy commencement, and cannot provide an agreeable alternative, we will refund all monies already paid, but no further liability shall be accepted.

Whilst all reasonable efforts have been taken by the Company to ensure that reservations made under this Agreement are able to proceed, the Company reserves the right to relocate any reservation to another Company of similar size and standard in the locality. The Guest acknowledges that the Company accepts no liability for any loss or damage suffered by or caused to the Guest in consequence of the relocation of the Guest.

18.5 Guests will be liable for any loss and/or damage caused to the Company during their stay. For the lost or damage to the following items, the Guest agrees to pay for the replacement charges as stated below:-
• RM20 for a room key or dorm room key and locker key
• RM10 for the smart tag
• RM20 for key fob
• RM20 for each soap dish
• RM40 for each toothbrush container
• RM50 for each shower gel, shampoo, conditioner or body lotion dispenser
• RM80 for each hair dryer
• RM30 for towels
• RM20 for each clothes hanger
• RM80 for each clothes hanger pole
• RM800 for each Nespresso coffee machine
• RM100 for each portable emergency torch light
• RM350 for each DVD Player
• RM500 for each mini bar fridge
• RM3,000 for each television
• RM20 for each pillow case
• RM20 for each pillow
• RM50 for each mattress protector
• RM100 for each throw cushion
• RM100 for each bed sheet
• RM100 for each blanket
• RM100 for each duvet cover
• RM200 for each duvet
• RM600 for each mattress
• RM800 for each four poster bed mosquito net
Artworks, antiques, artefacts and others – the current market value of the item

If the amount due is not settled before you leave, the Company reserve the right and you hereby authorise the Company to charge your credit or debit card the amount due, including without limitation specialist cleaning.

19. Access to Property
19.1 The Guest undertakes to leave the accommodation secure if left unoccupied during the period of let and to allow access by the management or employees for any reason deemed appropriate.

20. Pets
20.1 Pets except Guide Dogs are not permitted at any time.

21. Breach
21.1 The Company reserves the right to refuse accommodation or services or remove you and members of your party from the Company if, in our reasonable opinion, we consider any of the terms and conditions have been breached. Where this is the case, the Company shall have no obligation to refund you for lost accommodation, other services or any other loss or expense incurred.

22. House Rules
22.1 Strictly prohibits the usage, possession and trafficking of illicit drugs.

22.2 Consistent with local custom and practice, there are designated footwear free areas.

22.3 Access and facilities are strictly for the benefit of in-house Guest, property owners and their Guest only. Visitors are not permitted.

22.4 House Rooms quiet time is from 2230 hours to 0700 hours. Out of courtesy to fellow Guest, be very quiet if you come in late or leave early. Listening of music or radio should be with headphones.

22.5 Food in your room attracts bugs. Do not store food in your room.

22.6 No cooking in the room.

22.7 No outside food or drinks are to be brought in.

22.8 DO NOT use sleeping bag on the beddings at any time.

22.9 Smoking is strictly not permitted. Infringement of this will incur the House Penalty of RM50 and may include eviction with no refunds.

22.10 The common/shared toilet and shower are to be kept clean and dry at all times. Infringement of this will incur the House Penalty of RM50 and may include eviction with no refunds.

22.11 Subscribing to eco-friendly ideals, Guests are responsible in their use of electricity, water and other resources. Kindly deposit any waste that cannot be avoided into appropriate waste baskets.

23. Accommodation Being Left in an Unacceptably Untidy and/or Dirty Condition
23.1 We reserve the right to levy an excess cleaning charge on the Guest should the accommodation be vacated in a condition, which exceeds a normal level of acceptability. Such a charge will reflect the additional labour time and materials required to deep-clean/ defumigate the accommodation, and for any potential loss of income resulting from us being unable to let the accommodation due to smoke smell. The confirmation of such a condition will be made by at least 2 persons, one of whom will be the housekeeper and the other a member of the management team.

24. Force Majeure
24.1 The Company accepts no liability and will not pay any compensation where the performance of its obligations is prevented or affected directly or indirectly by or as a result of force majeure or any circumstances beyond its reasonable control including, but not limited to, flood, earthquake, extreme adverse weather conditions, natural disasters, other acts of God, acts of terrorism, fire or failure of electric power, gas, water, or other utility service, plant machinery, computers, vehicles or any collapse of building structures.

25. Website Information
25.1 While all reasonable efforts have been taken to ensure the accuracy of information on the website, the Company does not accept responsibility for errors or omissions and reserve the right to amend, cancel or vary any of the features on the website without notice. Please note that in certain circumstances, generic photographic images have been used to represent the general style of a particular product or Company.

25.2 The content of the website is the copyright of the Company, and may not be copied, reproduced, published, distributed or amended for any other purpose without our prior written consent.

25.3 Hyperlinks to third party websites are provided for your convenience. We cannot accept responsibility for the content or use of third party sites.

25.4 The website is operated by the Company.

26. Other
26.1 We reserve the right to vary these terms & conditions from time to time, according to any changes in our policies.

06 Feb 2018