Our Story, Our Concept

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Our story

Back in 1998 we had this idea on starting a Guesthouse.  We wrote a letter to Hostelling International enquiring on how we can affiliate with them. Nothing happen after that.  Instead, we opened an Art Gallery.  One fine day 5 years later, we questioned ourselves as to what happened to that dream of building a Guesthouse we had years ago.  Realising that time is of essence and wanting to make this dream a reality, we set out to secure a suitable premises that make this an outstanding guesthouse, location, location, location.

The dilapidated block of 2 shophouses we have been eyeing since day one happens to be owned by Marina’s Dad’s good friend.   After sorting our finances with our partners in crime, Marina’s parents, we set about to get all the legal paperworks signed, architectural designs agreed upon.  Works started in earnest and within a 6 weeks time frame, we opened our doors to guests on 17th June after a simple blessing ceremony.

Fast forward to today, you will find little of Singgahsana Lodge in almost every other guesthouse/hostel in town.  Colours, concept and even words from our website has been copied to death,  but we take comfort in the common adage “plagiarism is the best form of flattery”.  In spite of the stiff competition due to the mushrooming of other guesthouses since Singgahsana Lodge started, we are take pride in having been the catalyst for the burgeoning of this tourism industry segment in Kuching.  Our city now boast one of the highest standards in guesthouse quality in the nation.  Singgahsana Lodge was awarded the coveted Sarawak Hornbill Tourism Awards by the Ministry of Tourism and the Sarawak Tourism Federation in 2009/2010 in recognition of this.

Our concept

During our ‘shoe string’ travels, rarely do we get to experience the essence of the destination within our lodging spaces except for the odd night where we splurge and check into a luxurious heritage hotel. As avid art appreciators, we attempt to infuse Singgahsana Lodge with our touch of Sarawak Style.  Our guests will know they are in exotic Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo, when they awake each morning to a room filled with unique local decor.  Artefacts collected from the many ethnic peoples of Sarawak adorn each room and common area.  Even the ubiquitous lamps of your room would have been cleverly made out of utilitarian baskets and the floor covered with rattan and bark mats.

Our maridontreks travel photographs decorate each wall bringing sweet memories of the many destinations we have travelled, and those we have yet to see. Regular travels abroad have made us appreciate our home even more.  Sarawak’s great diversity both in its peoples and its nature makes it totally unique.  But above all these, our Bornean home is exceptionally special because of the warm hospitality of its people.

We hope to have the opportunity to make your stay in Kuching and Sarawak a memorable one.